Wade is a collaborative leader dedicated to producing thought-provoking, engaging, and entertaining projects with high production values and commercial viability.  He’s an experienced producer who believes the best product is achieved with a team who is fully engaged to the success of a project by fostering an aura of team growth and independence among its members. 

Wade is first and foremost a storyteller.  Whether he’s crafting a story in the edit room from source footage or developing a feature film with writers, he brings a strong understanding of story, character, and setting to every project.  His work has covered every genre, including drama, comedy, and documentary. Versatile and nimble,  Wade feels most at home juggling multiple, challenging projects at once: it is his skill and passion. 

Wade supervises every aspect of the production process, from concept to delivery.  His focus on organization, creative collaboration, and technical expertise is essential to shaping an outstanding media project.  Wade brings the cinematic qualities of imaginative storytelling, inspired imagery, and high production value to every project he crafts, whether it’s a feature film, commercial or location-based themed entertainment.